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The Army Spouse Handbook (Bulk – 14 books)
July 27, 2019
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The Army Spouse Handbook


A 21st Century Guide for the 21st Century Spouse

“The Army Spouse Handbook is my go-to guide!”
Gretchen Escribano, former Soldier, Army Spouse, Army Mother, 35 years and counting

“… a Guide, a Gift, and a GURU for all things Army spouse!”
Kathleen Palmer, Army Spouse of 23 years

“… timeless traditions made relevant for today’s Army Spouses.”
Shand Mayville, Army Brat, Army Mother, 37 years and counting

“… the perfect guide for today’s Army Spouse.”
Aimee Randazzo, Army Spouse 22 years and happily counting

“… wonderful guide to life in a very specialized culture called the Army.”
Carol Brooks, Army Brat and Army Spouse of 36 years

“… a great resource at every step of my military journey….”
MAJ Cassandra Perkins